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My coaching philosophy can be summed up in one word…. Shuffleboard.

I told my wrestling coach I wanted to study Sport Medicine (which I got my degree in) and he invited me to volunteer at the Senior Center he worked at, to gain experience in their fitness center.

Among my tasks given was repainting the lines for the shuffleboard court.  I thought I did a good job, I really did.  The next day showed the truth.  I had made assumptions, didn’t ask questions, didn’t ask for help.  And the sloppy result was there to see.

The look of disappointment in my coach’s eyes.  The eyes of someone who believed you were more than you believed in yourself.  Some moments get stored in your memories; others hit you so deep you don’t even recognize them consciously they get ingrained in your DNA.

As I became the coach that experience wove itself into my approach.  I get results.  I don’t get them with short cuts, or gimmicks, or crash diets.   I get them the right way.

Because when a cancer survivor amputee who can’t lift 3 pounds over her head asks if you can help her.  There’s no 90-day program for that.

When a young girl has tried every diet pill on the shelf, and you are her last hope to make the cut for the Air Force.  And the deadline is less than two weeks.  Oh, and provided you can make this happen she immediately goes into boot-camp.  You can’t just deplete her with a cleanse.

When a mother of two after two C-Sections & postpartum weight gain wants to know if she will ever feel comfortable wearing a two-piece suit by the pool.  What do you say?

I said yes to all of them, and I delivered with the attention and respect their journey deserved.

As your guide we can turn the betrayal into victory.  But I have to speak frankly here.  When your body is the prison, there is no explosive jailbreak.  It’s more along the lines of Shawshank Redemption.  Piece by piece, breaking down the walls, and then willingness to go all the way down the tunnel.

25 years of experience from Strength & Conditioning coaching to Outpatient Physical therapy, along with volumes of research proves this is a journey.

Transformation doesn’t happen overnight.  Fortunately for all who seek it, transformation does happen, here.  Which is what I love about being your guide.  Along the way we laugh, cry, yell and come out the end living the fit life you deserve.

That’s the beauty of doing it the right way.  You do things that last.