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Why Us

Reason #1: Personalized Programming

At RWF, we offer a personal experience you won’t find at the “big box” gyms. We take genuine interest in where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you want to be – we use this information to develop a program as unique as you are. We realize not everyone has the same background, fitness level, or goals. We are all individuals and we treat you as such. Even in our small group training classes, we treat each individual as such and strive to insure you are getting what you need from us.

Reason #2: Functional Fitness

At RWF, we focus on Functional Fitness. Functional Fitness encompasses exercises and motions which mimic real-life – standing up from a seated position (squats), picking up something heavy from the ground (dead lifts), lifting something heavy overhead (shoulder press). These motions are just a few examples of Functional Fitness which incorporate multiple major muscle groups and teach them to work together. Functional Exercises require activation of our core, and often require we balance and support our own weight during the motion. A few other examples of Functional Exercises include push-ups, pull ups, jumping, running, swimming, and many of the Olympic Lifts. Functional Fitness has been shown to dramatically improve mobility, strength, balance, flexibility and play an important role in reduction of injury. Functional Fitness has also been shown to contribute significantly to improved performance when used as a mode of cross training for Endurance Athletes.

Reason #3: Education

At RWF, we want to see our clients achieve their goals. We believe a critical component of this desire is to provide the tools and education so they understand why and how it all works. Ultimately, we strive to give clients the power to do it on their own, as well as be able to pay this knowledge forward.

Reason #4: Variety of Training Environments

At RWF, we believe Variety is a key component of a successful fitness program. It not only forces our bodies to constantly adapt to change, but keeps us mentally interested and engaged. Not only are we constantly changing our workouts, but we also offer a variety of training environments. Our training studio is conveniently located near a school with playground equipment we often use, and is also near the paved Campbell Creek trail, Taku Lake, an outdoor fitness station, and tennis courts. Depending on interest and willingness of clients, we frequently take our workouts outdoors (year round) and have included running, trail running, cycling, hiking, and tennis in our workouts.

Reason #5: Welcoming, Supportive Environment

RWF is a private training studio. We screen all our clients carefully to ensure they are a good fit for our Family. We will not tolerate any disrespectful behavior, whether of equipment or one another. We understand the equipment and workouts themselves can be intimidating and strive to start you at an appropriate level. We will, however, push you outside of your comfort zone on a regular basis – this is how we change and grow. But we will do so safely, taking into consideration your input. We also provide support outside the studio. We offer programs which include frequent check-ins, homework, event support, and access to us as a resource.