Feel more alive than ever before when you run with our Tribe.

At Run Wild Fitness, we offer more than just a gym membership. We are a supportive fitness community for people who want to get more out of life. We give you the coaching, support, and accountability you need to develop a plan and stick with it.

Our Anchorage fitness studio embraces the ruggedness of Alaska, offering intense functional fitness classes both indoors and outdoors. We keep your body guessing with a variety of movements designed to increase your strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Ready to get connected and stay motivated?

Hi, I’m Derek

I believe committing to our fitness goals has the power to completely change the way we feel about life. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping people transform their bodies.

From the time I was in junior high all the way into my 30s, I felt pain and embarrassment as I really struggled with my weight.

But eventually I committed to changing my body. I learned to create a plan and stick with it, and I also discovered support and accountability that accelerated my progress.

Whatever your starting point, joining our Tribe can propel your physical fitness to the next level.

One more thing about me…I like to keep things interesting.

That’s why you might hear me say some weird stuff during our tribe sessions. I might implore you to “squeeze the grape in your belly button” or “keep your shoulders out of your ears.” Our intense functional fitness programs incorporate a variety of movements, ensuring you will never be bored.

What’s your fitness goal?

We offer personalized coaching to help you reach any target you have in mind. Whether you want to reach your ideal weight, train for Mount Marathon, or prepare for the Zombie apocalypse, we’ll build a program to get you there.

What they’re saying…